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Yoga Harmony

Mindful embodiment with Šárka

♡ Find Your Balance ♡ Connect With Your Essence ♡ Be Here and Now ♡

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Meet me

I am Šárka, originally from Prague (Czechia), currently living in Israel. My main long-term professional interest is the therapeutic effect of yoga and other mindful somatic practices on human health and well-being. I've been practicing yoga and meditation for more than fifteen years and since 2012 my passion has also become my profession. With an academic background in psychology, my main focus is supporting my clients mental health. I am facilitating trauma-sensitive yoga (TCTSY)  and with the tools of Yoga Therapy, Somatic Experiencing (SE) as well as Trauma-sensitive mindfulness (TSM), I am supporting and empowering my clients to deal with stress related difficulties, anxiety, depression and post-trauma.

My gentle way of facilitating yoga and mindful movement encourages people to bring full awareness to the present moment, meet themselves wherever they are. I am holding the space for my clients to overcome what prevents them from thriving and expansion as well as space to connect with their true self through working with their body, breath, mind and emotions...and thus discover their own immense life potential.


Private sessions & group classes

Everyone (and every body) can practice yoga. The key is to find the style, which would be beneficial and joyful for ourselves in the given moment. The yoga asana practice can be slow, relaxing and therapeutic, but also dynamic, challenging the physical body and mental endurance. Some people enjoy yoga accompanied with meditative music, others enjoy the candle light setting, some people prefer practicing in a group, other prefer individual sessions.....Let´s set forth on inspiring journey of discovering ourselves, which can start right now on the yoga mat.


Private Sessions

Private sessions for individual people truly allow to focus on specific needs, intentions and health conditions of each and every one and use the therapeutic potential of yoga. You can choose the setting of the session which fits you the best start your individualised journey towards harmony and wellbeing.

Pilates Stretches

Group Classes

In group classes we practice in different pace, depending on the yoga style as well as on the people present in the class. Everyone is invited to bring in their intentions: may it be practicing being present and interacting with one's bodily sensations, having time to be with oneself, learning some yoga forms (asanas), cultivating harmonious state of body and mind, or possibly connecting with like-minded community.

Interested in working together?

You are invited to contact me with your questions.
We can schedule 15min introductory call to determine whether my services are the right thing for you.

055-9928048 (WhatsApp works the best)

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