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CommUnity Yoga

Yoga for Everyone 

Empowering for the Community 

Connection with the Place we live in


Yoga that exceeds the individual practice

It it well known that yoga improves individual health and well-being, positively affects the mind and emotions, decreases stress etc. But yoga practice can go far beyond the individual benefits.

The CommUnity Yoga a donation based yoga session open for everyone and everybody, regardless the age, shape or economical status. Gentle hatha yoga practice focused not only on individual well-being, but also on empowering the community. Šárka is guiding the classes from the trauma informed perspective, so everyone is encouraged to adjust the practice to their current needs and dispositions.
Collected money are used to create a fund to subsidize the cost of trauma-sensitive yoga classes for people who cannot afford to pay them. In this way everyone becomes an active and conscious part of something bigger.

Also as we are meeting in public garden of Be'er Sheva, the hope is to inspire everyone to explore more and connect with what our city has to offer. 

Upcoming Sessions

  • Friday 6/9/2019 9:00 (Remez Garden) Old City, Be’er Sheva

  • Friday 11/10/2019 10:00 (Remez Garden) Old City, Be’er Sheva

  • Friday 1/11/2019 11:00 (Remez Garden) Old City, Be’er Sheva

What to bring

  • Yoga mat or a big towel

  • Bottle of water

  • Comfortable and sufficient clothes

  • Financial contribution according to your good will