Trauma Sensitive Mindfulness

Facilitating mindfulness in trauma-informed way

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What is Trauma Sensitive Mindfulness?

It has been increasingly recognised that mindfulness meditation can stir symptoms of traumatic stress - directing the awareness to one's internal experience, thoughts and sensations can bring up flashbacks, trigger dissociation or dysregulation for people with unitegrated traumatic experiece. Mindfulness is more powerful when combined with an understanding of trauma.

Trauma sensitive mindfulness, practice built on understanding how trauma impacts one's physiology and experience, supports individual adjustments of the practice, offers choices and prevents retraumatisation while facilitating with the core elements of mindfulness.


"No intervention that takes power away from the survivor can possibly foster her recovery, no matter how much it appears to be in her own best interests."

— Judith Herman, Trauma & Recovery

If you are not sure, weather TCTCY is suitable for you, please contact Šárka


TCTSY is not considered useful if:

  • you have needed a hospitalisation within the last 6 months, for trauma related experiences

  • you are not currently in a therapeutic relationship in which you are able to verbally process your experiences