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Blending Yoga and Aromatherapy

Essential oils are potent gifts of nature which have been in use for thousands of years. With more and more people looking to natural health remedies, their popularity is growing these days, and for good reason - in a way it is coming back to the connection with the nature, and in connecting with the nature I feel as a gateway to connecting with ourselves.

I like using essential oils for different purposes daily - treating mosquito bite, refreshing during the day, massaging sore muscles after long hike, adding them to the home made cosmetics as well as for example cleaning the yoga mats or even the kitchen.

I really enjoy to learn more about unique qualities and uses of particular oils, create my own blends, explore their effects. This curiosity as well as realization that essential oils are really powerful and potent natural substances (and therefore using them requires high level of knowledge and awareness), led me to start the studies in Aromatherapy in the Aromahead Institute. It is a journey for sure, but also I feel new horizons are opening for me. I enjoy even the exploration of components of particular essential oils from chemistry point of view, even though I never was a chemistry zealot😅

And of course as my main professional domain these days is yoga and yoga therapy, I feel that it makes really sense combine these two - Yoga and Aromatherapy. Using essential oils in yoga setting can give the group classes a bit of magic - an extra sparkle, transforming the Yoga Class into the Yoga Experience. When it comes to using oils to enhance yoga participants’ experience, it’s their ability to affect mood and energy that’s of most interest to me. For example, lavender and chamomile oils are widely renowned for their calming influence, while peppermint and citrus oils have a more uplifting effect.

In the individual sessions the usage of the essential oils can be much more personalized - reaching very specific therapeutic as well as other goals. In combination with yoga tools I had great feedback on individualized Aroma Yoga sessions from people suffering from anxieties, eating disorders or recovering from lost of beloved person.

There are two main methods by which we can use oils in yoga setting: aromatically - inhaling the fragrance of the oil, and topically - applying the oil to the skin. I personally use some of the essential oils also internally (one tiny drop of orange or grapefruit essential oil to a carafe of water makes wonders to me), but in the Aroma Yoga classes, I am offering mostly the aromatic and topical application.

Once a month I am hosting an Aroma Yoga Workshop in my home studio, where we explore three different essential oils or blends, with a bit of theory and lot of practice we are focusing on different aspects of each oil, integrating it with yoga practice, experiencing the synergy between the healing arts of Yoga and Aromatherapy.

It is important to note, that for people allergic for specific plants, pregnant women or people highly sensitive for the smell, I would recommend rather individual session then group workshop.

If you want to try Aroma Yoga or have and related questions, you are invited to speak to me directly, by phone (055-9928048) or email (

Namaste 🙏🌲🌿 🌸🧘‍♀️🌸🌿 🌲🙏

individual session might be better option than participation on the group workshop🙏.

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