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Group Classes

You can choose from variety of yoga styles taught in the group setting. Even though each session might be challenging in different way, all the classes are a mindful practice, not a depleting workout. We are moving in different pace, depending on the yoga style and also on the people present in the class. Everyone can focus on their intentions: practicing being present and interacting with our bodily sensations - learning some yoga forms (asanas), having the opportunity to embody the flexibility, the strength, but also relaxed state of mind, or maybe meeting some new people.

All the classes are oriented on creating a safe space for the practice, having small number of participants. Šárka is providing non-judgmental environment and uses the invitational language, variations of the forms are offered, emphasis is placed on inner experience, not on external performance. I am offering following classes: Yin Yoga, Gentle Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga, Stress Relief Yoga, Aroma Yoga

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Classes description

Yin Yoga


Yin yoga merges discipline of Yoga with Taoist tradition and can be seen as a bridge between asana practice and meditation. Yin yoga cultivates acceptance, patiance and meditative state of mind.  Each posture is held for relatively long period of time (3 to 5 minutes) to encourage the slow and safe opening of connective tissues. The release of stiffness is not only on physical level, but allows also space for emotional cleansing. Other benefits are the experience of deep relaxation, peaceful mind and renewal of the life force, as it effectively stimulates meridians, which pass through the body.

 Yin yoga classes are suitable for all levels of practitioners, but for some people it can be quite a challenging practice due to the length of time postures are held. Nevertheless Šárka is guiding the classes from the trauma informed perspective, so everyone is encouraged to adjust the practice to their current needs.

Gentle Yoga


Gentle yoga will fit for those who want a softer, nurturing, slow-paced, well supported and relaxing practice. Yoga asanas (forms) are approached in gradual steps with enough time to focus on breathing and directing one's attention. A gentle yoga style and Šárka's trauma-sensitive perspective encourages a highly individualized approach to practice with full encouragement to make moment-to-moment adjustments, therefore it is open for everyone, including people with movement limitations, or profound stiffness, pregnant women, seniors, new yoga practitioners. It is a great tool for those seeking stress relief or weight management. A gentle yoga approach has even been found to be an important compliment in programs to reverse heart disease or provide relief from the challenging conditions of fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, as well as mood disorders.

Hatha Yoga


In this class the students are lead through balanced practice of yoga asanas (forms/shapes), breathing exercises, short meditations and relaxation to improve not only the physiological systems of the body, strength and flexibility, but also steadiness of mind, concentration, and more conscious connection to themselves. Practicing Hatha yoga also helps to eliminate problems such as stress, emotional imbalance, and anxiety.
The word Hatha comes from the Sanskrit terms “Ha”, meaning sun, and “Tha”, meaning moon. The asanas, breathing techniques and mediation or relaxation practices help to balance pairs of opposites that exist within us: right and left, feminine and masculine, hot and cold, rationality and intuition, movement and stillness.
Hatha yoga classes are suitable for all levels of practitioners. Šárka is guiding the classes from the trauma informed perspective, students are carefully instructed and provided by safe options of yoga asanas, which meet everyone´s current needs and dispositions.

Vinyasa Yoga


Vinyasa yoga focuses on creating the harmony between movement and breath. The asanas (yoga forms) are held for relatively short period of time and there are fluent transitions between the asanas. The fluency of the asana sequence helps keep our attention, which is directed inside. The content (inner state) is our main concern, the form (how it looks from outside) is secondary. From the beginning to the end of the asana flow our breath serves as an anchor, which keeps us present in the moment. This yoga style might be, especially at the beginning, rather demanding and physical practise. But it´s worth it persisting. The muscles are nicely stretched and naturally strengthened. After some time of yoga practice there is no physical tiredness at the end of the class - just on the contrary - the practise can feel highly energising. Vinyasa classes are recommended for the practitioners who have some previous experience with yoga asana practice and people who seek more physically challenging practice. Nevertheless, Šárka is guiding the classes from the trauma informed perspective, so everyone is encouraged to adjust the practice to their current needs and dispositions.

Stress Relief Yoga


A fundamental principle of yoga is that your body and mind are one and connected. Stress in one domain will affect the other and vice versa. Many of us live primarily in either our mind or our body, which creates imbalance and even a lack of awareness. For example, people with very analytical careers may spend a lot of time in their mind, and may not realize how much tension is stored in their body. Or if you’re an athlete, you may be keenly aware of your body, but could benefit from becoming more aware of your mental state. Wherever you fall on this spectrum, yoga helps you balance and tone the connection between your body and mind.

Yoga also trains your counter-stress response system called the parasympathetic nervous system. With regular yoga practice, your chronic daytime stress hormone levels drop and your heart rate variability increases, which is a measure of your ability to tolerate stress. This has been shown to improve even after a few sessions of yoga.

This class is based on Hatha Yoga, Trauma Sensitive Yoga and Somatic Experiencing. You can expect grounding, centering accessible practice suitable for all levels of practitioners.

Aroma Yoga

Scent Oils

During the session of Aroma Yoga we are combining yoga asanas, meditation, breathing exercises, and deep relaxation with doTerra therapeutic essential oils to enhance and deepen the lived experience of our yoga practice. Yoga and aromatherapy go hand in hand - whatever your purpose in doing yoga is, all the intentions you can set could be boosted by essential oils. We are using them aromatically (in the diffuser) and topically (gentle self-massage) for their emotional and physical benefits. Integrating aromatherapy into your yoga and healing practice will restore balance and promote health and well-being. Come experience how essential oils can relieve stress, improve sleep, reduce body tension, and quiet the mind, but also elevate the mood and boost the energy. No prior yoga experience is necessary as Šárka is guiding the classes from the trauma informed perspective and everyone is encouraged to adjust the practice to their current needs and dispositions.

Stay connected

You are also invited to join Facebook group 'Yoga Harmony - Šárka Yoga' to be informed about special classes and workshops, to connect with other practitioners, ask questions and share your experince. I am sharing there also short practices, insights and updates.

Registration and pricing

For the classes in My Wellness studio please register here.

Studio offers variety of packages and plans you can choose from. 


For classes on Zoom please register with me directly,

ideally via WhatsApp message.

Price: 50nis per session, or kartisia of 10 entrances for 450nis.

Payment via Bit/Paybox/bank transfer/cash.

To receive the receipt please provide email address.

Cancelation Policy

Cultivating a meaningful yoga practice is a commitment. Your cooperation and understanding of the cancellation policy is greatly appreciated.
If you cannot attend a class you are registered in, I kindly ask for a minimum of 48 hours notice, otherwise you will be responsible for paying full price. Thank you for your understanding.

In the event of cancellation of a class from my side, you will receive a full refund. 

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