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About Me

I am a yoga teacher, yoga therapist and TCTSY facilitator originally from Prague (Czechia), currently living in Be’er Sheva (Israel).
After my studies of sociology and criminology I worked for several years in the field of domestic violence and crimes against children intervention. Already then yoga became an integral part of my daily life or rather my way of perceiving the world. First, I inclined rather to the dynamic styles of yoga, which I practiced in Europe and India.
In Vancouver, Canada I was fortunate to become student of Shakti Mhi and Pepe Danza thanks to whom I discovered the enormous potential of gentler approach to the practice during my Advanced Yoga Teacher Training in Prana Yoga Teacher College. In Vancouver I also experienced the power of deep and meditative Yin Yoga and received Yin Yoga certification from Jolene Bayda and later on immersed deeper to this practice thanks to Paul Grilley and Sebastian Pucelle.
Based on my trainings with David Emerson (Trauma Center Trauma-Sensitive Yoga) and Lisa Danylchuk (Yoga4Trauma) I am facilitating also the sessions of trauma-sensitive yoga, which is an adjunct therapy for trauma survivors, also useful for people who are going through a stressful period of life, suffering from related depressions and anxieties. Last year I completed my studies in Psychology and I continue learning more  in frame of Svastha Yoga Therapy program and Somatic Experiencing training. I am interested in diving deeper in exploration of connections between mindful embodied practices and mental health.
I am is enthusiastic to share my passion for yoga and mindful movement with my students and clients. My way of facilitating yoga comes from trauma informed perspective, encourages the students to bring full awareness to the present moment, inspires them to peacefully connect through their body and breath with their true self and thus discover their own immense life potential.

My Approach

In my point of view yoga teaches us to return to ourselves, to our essence. It´s a path which proved itself through the ages. It´s directing us to knowing ourselves better, expanding our possibilities, finding the ability to feel and express our authenticity.  Yoga leads to the harmonization of body, mind and spirit and thus discovering the deepest potential of everyone of us and using our potential in everyday life. In the whirls of everyday life, we often forget our true nature or essence, the feeling of being whole disappears, or we are losing the feeling of inner balance.  Practice of yoga positions (asanas), breath exercises (pranayama) and meditation is one of the options how to set forth on a journey leading towards harmony, (re)connection with ourselves, (re)discovering our own essence, embodying our inner truth, starting to live yoga – the union – in every moment. As beneficial side effects we can observe stress relief, calm mind, gradually we are building the positive relationship with ourselves (and others), on the physical level increasing our flexibility and strength, reducing potential backpains or losing few extra kilos, strengthening our will, increasing ability to focus and to be present. Yoga in specific setting can be great tool on our path to recovery from psychological trauma.

Everyone (and every body) can practice yoga. The key is to find the style, which would be beneficial and joyful for ourselves in the given moment. The yoga asana practice can be slow, relaxing and therapeutic, but also dynamic, challenging the physical body. Some people enjoy yoga accompanied with meditative music, others enjoy the candle light setting, some people prefer practicing in a group, other prefer individual sessions.....Let´s set forth on inspiring journey of discovering ourselves, which can start right now on the yoga mat.


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"A cheerful and energetic person and a great yoga teacher. With a wide variety of yoga styles and flows, making sessions diverse and interesting."


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