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Private sessions

Meeting you wherever you are


Tailoring the practice to your needs and goals  - both preventive and restorative


Private sessions setting

Private sessions of mindful embodied practices such as Yoga Therapy or Somatic Experiencing truly allow to focus on specific needs, intentions and health conditions of each and every one.

You can choose what suits you the best - meeting in your home or in the clinic, in-person or online.

After understanding your goals and dispositions, I am tailoring the yoga-based practice responding the best to your needs and intentions. We are entering the thearpeutic process in which you are empowered under my gentle guiding with the tools not only from the large discipline of Yoga Therapy, but also Somatic Experiencing, Mindfulness and optionally also Aromatherapy. Your active involvement and willingness to integrate some of the techniques into your lifestyle are assisting the whole process immensely.

Depending on what we are working on, the tangible results are of yoga-based therapy are usually reached after 8 - 12 meetings, i. e. 2 - 3 months of continuous (weekly) work. Usually after 5 sessions we make the assessment and adjust the sessions accordingly. The beauty of yoga therapy is that it works both as prevention and recovery and therefore it is a comprehensive path to lifelong wellbeing.

Examples of focus of the private sessions:

  • Refining mental and physical stability

  • Relieving Stress 

  • Healing from trauma

  • Calmig anxiety

  • Alleviating depressive states

  • Dealing with burn-out

  • Recovering from injury

  • Coping with dissociation

  • Coming back to yourself after giving birth or injury

  • Resetting after a challenging life event



280 NIS per private session via Zoom

1250 NIS for package of 5 sessions (i. e. 250 NIS per session)

350NIS per private session in Tel Aviv (The Clinic in Levontine 12, or your place)

1600NIS for package of 5 sessions (i. e. 320 nis per session)

In case of working privately with dyad of clients, prices are adjusted.

The price includes yoga mats and props for the session as well as support via email or WhatsApp between the sessions during the time we work together.

Cancellation Policy

Cultivating a meaningful yoga practice is a commitment. Your cooperation and understanding of the cancellation policy is greatly appreciated.
Once we’ve agreed on a time, I'm reserving that time (and space in the clinic) for you. Should you need to cancel or reschedule a class, I kindly ask for a minimum of 48 hours notice, otherwise you will be responsible for paying full cost of the session. Thank you for your understanding.

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