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Trauma Sensitive Mindfulness

Facilitating mindfulness in trauma-informed way

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What is Trauma Sensitive Mindfulness?

It has been increasingly recognised that mindfulness meditation can stir symptoms of traumatic stress - directing the awareness to one's internal experience, thoughts and sensations can bring up flashbacks, trigger dissociation or dysregulation for people with unitegrated traumatic experiece. Mindfulness is more powerful when combined with an understanding of trauma.

Trauma sensitive mindfulness, practice built on understanding how trauma impacts one's physiology and experience, supports individual adjustments of the practice, offers choices, prevents retraumatisation and expands the window of tolerance while facilitating with the core elements of mindfulness. 

"Think of trauma as an injury and meditation as an exercise. Sometimes, we need modifications to an exercise to build strength and heal.

That’s trauma-sensitive mindfulness.”

- David Treleaven -

My journey towards Trauma Sensitive Mindfulness

My interest in meditative practices started relatively early - when I was in the highschool and I was facinated by Buddhist and Vedic traditions ... but it was only in 2010, during my university time when I actually started meditating under the guidance of my first teacher Tim Mitchell, who introduced me into Vedic meditation. Later, during my stay in Vancouver I deepened my practice and expanded my medtation horizons when being student of Pepe Danza, whose main niche is Zen meditation.

Since then, I' ve been meditating as part of my yoga practice, with occasional immersion into the Vippasana or mindfulness retreats. I've been resonating with teachings and dharma talks of Tara Brach and Jack Kornfield as well as insights into the connections between meditation and resilience of Rick Hanson.

While learning more about healing psychological trauma, trauma-sensitive use of yoga and adopting techniques of Somatic Experiencing, it made a real sense for me to embrace Trauma Sensitive Mindfulness of David Treleaven, who is skillfully adapting traditional buddhist teachings into trauma-sensitive practices backed-up by the latest scientific and therapeutic findings, making the meditation practices accessible and beneficial for those struggling with the aftermath of trauma.

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